System Tools

100% Web based application running on Microsoft Windows Server + IIS, MS SQL Server, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Telerik, Ext.NET and Crystal Report.  Application can be run on Microsoft PC, Apple MAC, IPad and Andriod Devices provider update Browser.

Data Integrity

*UKEY design ensure every single record during data entry will not be lost in the Internet connection.  Every record’s update will be backup.  Shipment records cannot be deleted but cancel to ensure the running number can be traced.

Customer Record

All user can add customer records during operation data-entry.  Records have be approved by supervisor or manager before transfer to accounting system for billing to eliminate duplicate records.

Document Template

Template feature save plenty of time for the data-entry.   Document like Booking, House Bill can be saved as template for next time use.  Template can be share with other users.

Data Control

Date Lock & Exchange Rate by Date features control the date range of accounting document and the accuracy of the transactions.

100% Web Application